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History[ edit ] The technique is over years old. Chartcraft Inc, in the USA, popularized the system in the s. Cohen founded Chartcraft and wrote on point and figure charting in Chartcraft Inc is still running today, providing daily point and figure services for the US market under the name of Investors Intelligence.

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Veteran Mike Burke still works for Chartcraft, having started back in under the guidance of Cohen. Burke went on to train other point and figure gurus, such as Thomas Dorsey who would go on to write authoritative texts on the subject.

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Traders kept track of prices by writing them down in columns. Traders used both point charts and figure charts together and referred to them as their point and figure charts, which is where Du Plessis suggests the name point and figure came from. Modern point and figure charts are drawn with Xs and Os where columns of Xs are rising prices and columns of Os are falling prices, although many traditionalists such as David Fuller and Louise Yamada still use the Xs only point method of plotting.

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Advantages of point and figure[ edit ] Point and Figure charts are based primarily on price action, not time. The correct way to draw a point and figure chart is to plot every price change but practicality has rendered this difficult to do for a large quantity of stocks so many point and figure chartists use the summary prices at the end of each day.

The charts are constructed by deciding on the value represented by each X and O. Any price change below this value is ignored so point and figure acts as a sieve to filter out the smaller price changes.

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  • Pasul 7: Salvarea unei diagrame ca șablon Informații despre diagrame Diagramele sunt folosite pentru a afișa serii de date numerice într-un format grafic, pentru a facilita înțelegerea unei cantități mari de date și a relației dintre serii diferite de date.

The charts change column when the price changes direction by the value of a certain number of Xs or Os. Traditionally this was one and multiplicator în tranzacționare called a 1 box reversal chart. More common is three, called a 3 box reversal chart. Price targets[ edit ] Also in common usage are two methods of obtaining price targets from point and figure charts.

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The horizontal method measures the width of a congestion pattern and uses that to obtain a target. This automation increased the popularity and usage of point and figure charts because hundreds of charts could be viewed and altered quickly and easily.

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At the same time a method of log scaling point and figure charts was devised, where the value of the Xs and Os was set to liniile de tendință și cifrele sale percentage rather than a price. This allowed the sensitivity of Point and Figure charts to remain constant no matter what the price level. Kaufmanin New Trading Systems and Methods,documents research he and Kermit Zeig performed over many years computerizing point and figure charting.

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